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Chinese and Western Medicine

Linsen Chinese Medicine Branch

Chinese and Western Medicine Outpatient and Treatment Center

In order to establish a complete and integrated healthy city, we are determined to promote collaboration between Chinese and Western medicine in order to provide comprehensive care to our patients. We continuously strive for excellence in the areas of clinical research, teaching and basic research, which help with establishing excellent outpatient services, good treatments and an outstanding care system using Chinese and Western medicine together.

 1. Specialized Medical Services:

  • Chinese and Western Medicine Outpatient and Treatment Center include services, such as:
    Chinese and Western medicine outpatient service for diabetes, liver disease, brain blood vessels.
    Chinese and Western medicine outpatient service for accidental injury
    Lung Regulation Center
    Insomnia Regulation Center
    Geriatrics Center
    Special Outpatient Service treating over-exhaustion and pain
  • Health management: Chinese and Western medical inspections.
  • Health and revitalization: Chinese and Western revitalization, anti-aging treatments, cancer prevention, beauty treatmens and anti-allergy treatments

2. Ultimate Goals:

  • An integration of Chinese and Western medical care in order to help taking care of the disadvantaged minorities.
  • Chinese and Western medicine are particularly beneficial for revitalization, prevention and helping to improve health.
  • Integration of Chinese and Western Medical Care for basic needs in the areas of anti-aging and revitalization.
  • Enhancing Chinese and Western clinical research and teaching.