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Taipei City Hospital


General Services

One Hospital, Eight Branches
Offering Seamless Medical Services throughout Taipei City

Call Center –
1.Comprehensive telephone-based services
2.Available 24 hours a day, all year-round
3.Dedicated, friendly, and courteous operators
4.Full-range of services via 1999*8 or (02) 2555-3000

One-Stop Service Desk to Assist All Requests –
1.Friendly assistants will help you complete official documents
2.Complimentary use of wheelchairs when on branch premises
3.Complimentary medical advice and helpful directions
4.Disabled persons assistance

Social Work & Assistance –
1.Counseling for patients and their families
2.Comprehensive social assistance

Nutrition & Dietary Assistance –
1.Promoting healthier eating habits
2.Healthy diet classes and instruction
3.Nutrition classes and instruction

Pharmaceutical Product Guidance and Information –
1.Delivering medication to patients' homes
2.Guidance for patients in proper medication methods

Medical Assistance & Information –
1.Inter-branch registration
2.Inter-branch acceptance of payments and disbursement
3.Personalized inter-branch transfers and distribution of patient information
4.Clinical screening services

Preventive Health Services –
1.Inter-branch medical services
2.Inter-branch patient transfers
3.Community-based workplace screening services
4.Post-discharge follow-up care
5.Preventive care seminars and classes
6.Total care concept-based assistance
7.Blood pressure measuring services

Transportation Services –
Free shuttle bus transportation between all Taipei City Hospitals