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Asthma Acupressure Patch R&D Center/Chinese Medicine Beauty Center

Chinese Medicine R&D Center

Our goals are in three areas:
A. Short-term goals

  1. Combining modern medicine with traditional medicine to treat pain, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, hepatitis, sterility, menopausal problems and sexual dysfunctions.
  2. Group discussion of results by dedicated medical team
  3. Research on herb types and dosage levels

B. Mid-term goals

  1. Act as an ambassador to the world for Chinese medicine and try to improve the image of traditional therapies in the academic world.
  2. Research and develop Chinese medicine treatments and conduct comprehensive clinical testing.

C. Long-term goals

  1. Develop traditional Chinese medicines into new medicines and conducting research on their mechanisms and interactions.
  2. Conducting research on the effectiveness, safety, mechanisms, and interactions between different Chinese medicines.

Asthma Acupressure Patch R&D Center
Acupressure patches are used in combination with Qi Therapy as preventive therapy. Acupressure patch treatments last from three to nine days in the late summer or during the winter solstice.
A special type of herb is used as the medicine, which has spiciness and a distinctive aroma. It serves to remove phlegm and regulates qi. For allergy related diseases, it needs to be pasted it onto pressure points (Yu points) at the back to regulate qi, warm up the intestines and remove the cold phlegm of the lungs. This helps to prevent allergic disease. The related consultations on asthma health care education and the technique of pressure point pasting are also available at the Chinese Medicine Branch.

Chinese Medicine Beauty Center
Cosmetology and protective cosmetology cover a variety of treatments such as ingesting of Chinese medicine, patches, needle treatments, acupuncture, bloodletting, ear acupressure, scraping, Qi, whitening herb teas, and herbal medicines. These natural treatments are safe and prevent damage done by chemicals and cosmetic products.
Through the use of biotechnology, we are gaining a deeper insight into the richness and abundance of Chinese medicine and this helps Chinese medicine to maximize its curative effectiveness.