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Suicide Prevention

Songde Branch

Suicide Prevention R&D Center

Psychiatric Center

Suicide Prevention R&D Center

The main purposes of the Suicide Prevention Research and Development Center (SuPER) are: surveillance, prevention, education and research. This Center integrates various resources in order to offer guidance system to schools and organizations, medical association, etc. It also collaborates with university research institutes and overseas institutions in order to conduct research related to suicide prevention, as well as investigation of mental disorders etc. Moreover, the Suicide Prevention Research and Development Center collaborates with the Police and Fire Departments, hospitals, school campus guidance units, and community health and mental health care centers to form a more effective alliance that aids suicide prevention.

Psychiatric Center
Our branch serves as the Psychiatry Training Hospital and is the key psychiatry center of Taipei. It is comprised of various departments that provide all types of psychiatry services such as: the Department of General Psychiatry, the Department of Psychiatry for Child and Adolescent, the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, the Department of Rehabilitation and Prevention and the Department of Psychiatry for Community. Our medical team provides comprehensive and continuous psychiatry medical treatments for our patients. The out-patient service model includes: outpatient treatment, emergency medical treatment, acute-short term in-patient treatement, day in-patient treatment, community physical medicine treatment and community psychiatry physical treatment as well as related services such as community mental health care education, etc.
The following are available:

1. Medical treatment for adults, children, teenagers, and the elderly
2. Clinical service and hospitalization for drug/alcohol addicts
3. Early hospitalization and rehabilitation of psychiatric patients
4. Day-time hospitalization of psychiatric patients
5. Community rehabilitation of psychiatric patients and occupational treatment
6. Professional physical and mental examinations, mental treatment and psychiatric treatment and counseling

Medicine for Biological Psychiatry
With the purpose of promoting research and development in the area of Biological Psychiatry, our branch has established a Biological Psychiatry Laboratory. In recent years, several research results have been announced during the major domestic and international conferences or published in journals. A large amount of unbiased information on the drug resistant conditions and the motivations of the psychiatry patient have been released, which helps the public gain a better picture on the relationship between medical treatment and prevention.

Home Visit Medical Treatment
“The Home Visit Medical Treatment” involves doctors, nurses and other medical staff who visit the homes of the patient to conduct various medical treatments. Our medical services have been extended from hospital out into the community in order to ensure continuous treatment and follow-up inspections. All patient families can apply for such service. The home visits are conducted by senior caregivers in order to improve the patient’s quality of life.

The Community Job Training Workshop
After patients return to their community, they receive training including survival skills, social intercourse, recreation and entertainment. Job training from the Community Job Training Workshop enhances their ability to survive in society and to start a career. Our branch set up the first The Community Job Training Workshop in September 1989 and has successfully promoted rehabilitation in various communities. Several workshops have gained governmental approval, namely Tsaoshan, Wunshan, Hsinhu, Fuchung etc. We are dedicated to offer more diversified skills, such as flower arranging, car washing, home cleaning, bakery, horticulture and farming, hotel management and catering, newspaper delivery and various other jobs. The Community Job Training Workshop is certain to expand these activities.

Community Guidance and Consultation Services
With constant changes in lifestyle and society, various mental problem and disorder occur due to the pressures we face everyday. Since 2005, we have d eveloped “Community Guidance and Consultation Services” at various health center. People only have to pay NT$50 for registration and can set up an appointment with a professional psychiatrist for a personal consultation service. This help to minimize problems and reduce sorrow and disconsolation.

Your Reliable Service Hotline
Our branch is commissioned by DOH to provide a 24 hours instant and professional consultation service (Reliable Service Hotline: 0800-788 995). Our professional team is always available to offer instant consultation on any mental or emotional problem. We also provide doctor referral, related medical information and other services.