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  For the purpose of rebuilding Taipei City’s entire public healthcare system, Taipei City Hospital was reformed by integrating 10 municipal hospitals in 2005 to meet the comprehensive healthcare needs of Taipei's 2.6 million residents.
  Equipped with 3,784 beds and attending to over 3 million patient visits per year, our faculty of over 800 outstanding specialists from various medical field supported by sufficient facilities and more than 50 hundreds enthusiastic staff working everyday to serve our clients.
  In the past few years, we built the first non-profit human milk bank in Asia. We established the first medical ward for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patient in east-southern Asia and opened the first special dental clinic for the disables and AIDS patients in Taiwan. We founded the first hospital-based dementia day care ward. We started the pioneering total care nurse aide service in Taiwan. Moreover, we renewed the psychiatric center to cooperate with government to provide suicide prevention and research.
  Our outstanding track record for clinical service and community health promoting are honorably awarded the WHO Health Promoting Hospitals Network and Taiwan Symbol of National Quality.
  Besides these attainments, we aim to develop modern medical technologies in each branch.

  • Zhongxing Branch provides excellent ophthalmologic service and integrated post-partum care.
  • Renai Branch is well known in cancer prevention, liver disease treatment and minimally invasive surgery of intervertebral disk herniation and spine disorders.
  • Yangming Branch is famous for geriatric medicine that integrated multi-disciplinary professionals to offer customized medical care for our senior citizens.
  • Zhongxiao Branch equipped the high-tech Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System provides our clients most precise laparoscopic surgery.
  • Heping Campus of Heping Fuyou Branch with its national largest quarantine ward assigned by Centers for Disease Control is responsible for the tuberculosis and other contagious disease, such as SARS and H1N1 influenza prevention and treatment in northern Taiwan.
  •  Fuyou Campus of Heping Fuyou Branch with a mother-baby friendly environment provides not only feminine health care and infertile consultation service, but also advanced cytogenetic analysis and early intervention for developmental delay.
  • Songde Branch is the key psychiatry center offering various psychological therapy, drug abuse and methadone replacement treatment as well as suicide prevention.
  • Kunming Branch cooperated with the Department of Health serves as the AIDS prevention R&D center providing the most comprehensive inspections and investigative treatments for AIDS and STD.
  • Linsen Chinese Medicine Branch is unique in applying innovative oriental-western combination therapy and engaging in traditional Chinese Medicine researches.

  With all these competence, we are a certified teaching hospital for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, laboratory and other professionalism.
  In the field of research training, we not only allied with National Yang-Ming University, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences and many medical schools in Taiwan, but also cooperated with notable international medical schools and institutions including Imperial College London, University of California San Diego, University of Arizona, City of Hope National Medical Center, Health Science University of Mongolia, Kurume Liver Center (Japan), etc.
  To enhance worldwide communications, we launched the International Medical Training Program in 2008. It is a program that contains advanced clinical training, hospital management courses and internship practice. Over 800 foreign guests, scholars and students from 37 countries visited Taipei City Hospital for experience learning or professional trainings in 2011. 
  Committing to further humanity service we dedicate great enthusiasm to international medical aids. Our emergency physicians rushed to Sri Lanka right after the devastating tsunami happened in 2004 as well as the severe earthquake in Sichuan and Chinghai province in China in 2008 and 2009. We also joined post-disaster relief work and medical service as well as internet medical consultation in many countries.
  Since 2005 our colleagues have cared more than 20,000 people in Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, Kingdom of Swaziland, India, Tibetan, China Sichuan, Chinghai and several provinces in China. At the same time, our physicians and nurses provided on job training to more than 50 doctors and nurses during their service overseas.
  Taipei is an exuberant, diverse city; it is not only well known for a variety of delicious cuisine and interesting nightlife, but also famous for its fascinating combination of cultural treasures and modern facilities, such as the world-renowned antiquities of the National Palace Museum and the world renowned building Taipei 101.
  With the warm hospitality the abundance of interesting and fun activities available in Taipei, your visit will certainly to be unforgettable. We are ready to welcome you to join Taipei City Hospital International Training Programs and to help you get started on a new lifetime for the best possible opportunity on academic success and satisfaction!