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When Western Rehabilitation Meets Eastern Traditional Acupuncture and Massage

      Today’s lifestyle is fast-paced and hectic, and high stress and lack of exercise can easily cause muscle tension and soreness. When your muscles feel sore, would you choose rehabilitation, acupuncture, or traditional Chinese massage? Which method would give you the best results?

      Director Tseng Kuo-chen of Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Linsen Chinese Medicine Kunming Branch, Taipei City Hospital explained that rehabilitation medicine deals with muscle soreness and aches via thermal therapy, electrotherapy, and movement therapy. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture helps to achieve pain relief through acupuncture point stimulation. And traditional Chinese massage attains pain relief through loosening cramped muscle tissues.

      Linsen Chinese Medicine Kunming Branch boasts a professional rehabilitation and Chinese medicine team, which devotes itself to the integration of Western rehabilitation and Eastern acupuncture and traditional massage. It is equipped with a Chinese-Western integrated outpatient clinic that brings together different fields of profession to achieve outstanding therapeutic results in treating muscle soreness and aches. For patients suffering from adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder, we would offer physical therapy to ease the pain. Movement therapy would improve shoulders’ limited activities; acupuncture on the other hand would reduce pains and relax muscles; and massage mobilization technique would better patients’ muscle cramps and stiffness.

      Clinically, receiving at least two of the three treatments will have exceedingly better results than when going through only one treatment. In addition to traditional acupuncture with needles, a small amount of electric currents of appropriate frequencies can also be directed to the needles to reinforce and maintain treatment results. Therapeutically, steroid injections during rehabilitation would moderate inflammation and pain; its theory is similar to that of acupuncture. And the mobilization technique used in movement therapy shows even more resemblance with traditional Chinese massage.

      What magical wonders will we see from integrating Western rehabilitation and traditional Eastern acupuncture and massage? Linsen Chinese Medicine Kunming Branch has brought together professional resources of rehabilitation, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese massage to create a whole new level of treatments for muscle soreness and aches.