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  • Professor Chrales F. Wainright and 27 Health Care MBA students from Belmont University visit Taipei City Hospital for Hospital Management、Integration of Community Care and Home-based Palliative Care.

    * Director Chang, Director Chi, Deputy Superintendent Lee and the delegation from University of Belmont, USA.

    On behalf of Taipe City Hospital, Unit for International Affair invited Dr. Erin Kross from University of Washington for keynote speech: Palliative care and post-intensive care syndromes: the importance of family centered care

    *Porfessor Huang, Dr. Erin Kross and those Head officers of Taipei City Hospital

    Student, Mr. Li Wang Hin from University Hong Kong participate the international program for the palliative care and bereavement service training in Taipei City Hospital.

    Medical student, Mr. Yu-Ting Chen form University of Medical University of Warsaw in Poland applied the international program for Community Home Care.

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