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Heat stroke prevention in blazing summers! Are you hydrating properly?

Heat stroke prevention in blazing summers! Are you hydrating properly?

     In summer, the human body looses approximately 2.5 liters of water every day, so hydration is critical! Doctors say that electrolytes must also be supplemented at the same time. Many people believe in the myth that hydration is simply “drinking lots of water”.

     Dr. Cheng Chieh-Hao at the Division of Family Medicine, Taipei City Hospital, Linsen Chinese Medicine Branch, expressed that salt (sodium ions) is lost when the human body is sweating. Over hydration at this time would lead to the body having an electrolyte imbalance! Hence, it is not enough to just drink water in this situation. Water and electrolytes must be “supplemented together”.

     How to efficiently hydrate the body? Dr. Cheng said that compared to simply drinking water, the simultaneous intake of salt, sugar, and water can have a more effective absorption of water and electrolytes into the body. In a Japanese sports science experiment that compared the hydration efficiencies of beverages showed that “electrolyte beverages with glucose and fructose” are better than “bottled water” and “electrolyte beverages with mainly fructose”. Currently, domestic sports drinks are all electrolyte beverages with glucose and fructose. Therefore, when exercising and sweating in the summer, it is better to hydrate with sports drinks than with bottled water or general beverages.

     People can also prepare their own sports drinks at home; simply mix 1-2g of salt and 40g of granulated sugar into 1 liter of water. These sports drinks are meant for hydration during exercise and sweating. They are not recommended for daily drinking, which may lead to an excessive intake of salt and sugar.

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