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Grand Opening for Renai Branch’s Xinyue Postpartum Nursing Home --the Most Comfortable Nursing Home for New Mothers

Grand Opening for Renai Branch’s  Xinyue Postpartum Nursing Home --the Most Comfortable Nursing Home for New Mothers

      Xinyue Postpartum Nursing Home of Renai Branch, Taipei City Hospital, has finally opened during the middle of the Chinese Dragon Year after ardent efforts put forth by staff. According to the Renai Branch, this postpartum nursing home’s staff is comprised of registered nurses, nutritionists, obstetricians, pediatricians, Chinese doctors, and dermatologists, aiming to provide the best services for new mothers and babies at all hours.

      Every room is equipped with wireless internet so mothers can access current information or interact with friends or relations, thus feeling better after delivery and enjoying a pleasant postpartum month.

      The statistics regarding longevity conducted by the Ministry of the Interior, Executive Yuan, has demonstrated that the number of newborns in Taipei City in 2011 outnumbered that of 2010 by 0.245%. Coupled with the fact that 2012 is a Dragon Year, and the “Have a Care-Free Pregnancy” project collaborated by many departments of Taipei City Government, it is expected that there will be another baby boom. We hope that the Xinyue Postpartum Nursing Home will achieve the best effects amid the climax of the baby boom in the Dragon Year, and provide an excellent choice for new mothers in Taipei City.

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