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Linsen Chinese Medicine and Kunming Branch (Kunming)

Taipei City Hospital Kunming Branch

Our Mission:

To prevent all infectious diseases in Taipei

Infectious disease control department:

STD and AIDS Prevention and Control
TB Prevention and Control
Community Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
Emerging Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control/ Drug Abuse Prevention

Main tasks:

• Prevention and Control

– Education and training
– Targeting of High risk groups
– Harm reduction program

• Medical service

– STD clinics
– HIV/AIDS special clinics
– Methadone maintenance therapy
– Dental clinics (only for HIV+ cases)
– Laboratory specializing in STDs

• STD/HIV case management

Education and training:
Health education of the general publicHealth education of the general public

– Chun-Huei Project: Cooperation with Bureau of Education
– Website teaching
– Teaching in collaboration with correctional institutions
– Universal HIV testing program
– Hotline for STD counseling
– Hotline for needle stick event management (for medical, police and fire personnel)
– Professionals training of doctors, nurses and pharmacists
– Development of teaching materials and aids

High risk group prevention:


• Seeding of teachers and peer educators training
• Screening and education in gay venues
• Condom promotion

Sex workers

• Peer education and screening
• Case managementLittle YG group established
• Education and blood testing for special businesses

Seed teachers and peer educators training

Little YG group established

Harm reduction

Work on the internet

• Gay website link

• Online Questions and Answers

Work on the internet

• Discussions about safer sex, club drug used, etc

• Screening information

Screening and education at gay venues

Screening and education at gay venues

Setting up a private website through which all staff at AIDS prevention NGOs can share news and information

Prevention and control of disease among sex workers

  • Implementation of screening and health education targeting STD.
  • Issuing health care cards and offering free health care

Sex workers prevention
Sex workers prevention

  • When arrested by the police, unlicensed prostitutes, clients and drug addicts are offered HIV screening and individual health education.
  • Peer volunteers are trained to execute an outreaching work.

Medical service

• Clinics: STD cases

• Special clinic: HIV /AIDS patients

• Dental clinic: only for HIV/AIDS patientsMedical service

• Screening clinic: provides blood testing and counseling

• Methadone clinic: heroin users

• Anonymous screening

OPD combine with Public Health Prevention

• The new case counseling

• Blood testing and other STD sample collection

• Health education for the STD or methadone cases

• Case Notification and OPD case management service

Laboratory Laboratory

  • OPD and anonymous case screen testing
  • Analyzing of other hospitals’ samples
  • WB testing
  • HIV instant test
  • STD studies

Harm reduction programHarm reduction program

• This includes NSP and MMT

• The community pharmacy provides

1. Free clean needles and syringes on exchange
2. A syringe vending machine

• NSP service. Call 0968-951-552 for sharps collection of NSP and the NSP educational package.

• NSP does not encourage IDU

Our great pharmacies where pharmacists in community practice provide HIV counseling, MMT referral and a NSP service

Our great pharmacies where pharmacists in community practice provide HIV counseling, MMT referral and a NSP service

Needle-syringe exchange program

• Needles-syringes reclaimed

• Harm reduction by waste needle-syringe reclaimation

• NSP bus

• Bus stops: Mon-ga Park andWan-hua District or call for the service. 

NSP bus

Our services include:

Individual case management

• Each case has his/her own manager

• Before entry to theMMT, we will provide an individual consultation .

• After MMT, we will follow up the case situation.

• Special cases having health, economic and employment problems are provided with referrals where needed.

Social resources linking

• Employment Service Center will visit and provide individual case counseling fortnightly.

• Professional Social Workers will help to decide what is needed and provide the services.

Methadone Group consultationMethadone Group consultation&Training peer educators

• Every Tuesday and Thursday

• Open group

Training peer educators

• Use MMT patients to help IDU users.

• We have already helped transform 11 IDU users into our colleagues .

Each IDU user has individual consultations

• Individual consultation before the IDU case leaves jail every month.

• HIV counseling and health education in prison

Family support Group

• Set up in January 2010

• Helping families to build up their support network through sharing their own experiences.

Family support Group

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