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Taipei City Subsidizes Post-marital Pre-pregnancy Fertility Health Examination

*Subsidy recipients: Married couples who are registered Taipei City citizen, who are yet to produce a first-born. (This subsidy applies to registered Taipei City citizens only. Any spouse registered elsewhere will not be eligible for this scheme.)

*Effective date:Until 2010 December 31st, limited numbers.

*Examination items and other information:

1. Examination items:

(1) For females, a subsidy of NT$ 1,595 is given to each case(registration and diagnostic fees excluded), examination items include: Urine test, tests for rubella and chicken pox antibodies, routine blood tests, syphilis screening, HIV screening, thyroid-stimulating hormone, systemic lupus erythematosus.

(2) For males, a subsidy of NT$ 655 is given to each case (registration and diagnostic fees excluded), examination items include: Urine test, routine blood tests, syphilis screening, HIV screening, semen analysis (a 3-day abstinence from sex is recommended).

2. Fasting is not required for the “Post-marital Pre-pregnancy Fertility Health Examination”. Following the completion of the examination, notification will be given by hospital staff if revisits, referral to more extensive examinations, or other services that require further fees are needed.

3. The following is the required documents and applicable fees for each subsidized category :

Subsidized Categories


Required Documents

Payable Fees(including registration and diagnostic fees)

Government Subsidy


Disability Manual

$ 0

Females: $1,595
Males: $655


Health Insurance IC Card


Household Certificate

New Immigrant

Household and Resident Certificate

General Citizen

ID card

$ 272 per person

Either Spouse of New Immigrant

* Branches of Taipei City Hospital that provide the services:

5 Taipei City Hospital Branches

Service providers



Zhongxiao Branch

87 Tongde Road
Nangang District Taipei City

Please enquiry at information counter or report to the Obstetrics and Gynecology directly

Ren’ai Branch

10 Section 4 Ren’ai Road
Da’an District Taipei City

Heping Branch

33 Section 2 Zhonghua Road
Zhongzheng District Taipei City

Yangming Branch

105 Yusheng Street
Shilin District Taipei City

Zhongxing Branch

145 Zhengzhou Road
Datong District Taipei City

Branch for Women and Children

12 Fuzhou Street
Zhongzheng District Taipei City

Source: Department of Health,Taipei City Government

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