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About us

Taipei City Hospital is one of the largest medical facilities in northern Taiwan. The Hospital currently has seven branches, offering both general and specialty care. The five general branches are Zhongxing, Renai, Heping Fuyou, and Yangming hospitals.  The two specialty branches are Songde and Linsen Chinese Medicine hospitals. These seven branches have a total of over 3000 beds.
The Hospital also provides a care network that includes the Kunming preventive care center, a child development assessment and intervention center, four nursing homes, three postpartum care homes and six home care facilities.
Taipei City Hospital’s mission is to guard the health of all citizens, to serve the needs of underprivileged groups, and to establish itself as the most reliable community hospital in Taiwan.  To meet these goals, the Hospital is actively expanding cooperation with international medical academic institutions, integrating clinical skills and academic knowledge to enhance the Hospital’s research capabilities and medical services quality.
It is also developing new information systems to support administrative processes, to improve the medical process, and to raise the efficiency of medical services, in order to provide more convenient and comprehensive medical treatment for general public.
The Hospital builds mutual trust between care-givers and patients through sincerity and solicitude, and through cross-disciplinary, cross-departmental, cross-district integration to maximize the throughput of care services in order to become a leader in community health care.
Building international ties is vital for the long-term development of the hospital and the promotion of international competitiveness.  The Hospital is therefore committed to cooperate and exchange ideas with the medical institutions and academic institutions from all over the world.
The Hospital has signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Imperial College London, University of California, San Diego, University of Arizona, City of Hope Medical Center, Health Sciences University of Mongolia, Kurume University School of Medicine, Kurume Liver Center in Japan, Acupuncture College in Brazil, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Zhuoshan Hospital in China, and Fujii Neurosurgical Hospital in Japan which commit it to professional visits and exchanges, training medical personnel and students, and research cooperation.
We welcome visits from medical staff and medical students to the Hospital for clerkship, internships and exchanges in areas such clinical medicine, Chinese medicine, community home based treatment and long-term care, community-based palliative care, hospital administration, diabetes treatment networks, and dementia care networks.

Under the direction of Superintendent, Dr. Huang Sheng-Jean, Taipei City Hospital has set community based hospice care for the Taipei area as its first priority. Beginning in 2015, the Hospital has had the largest number of hospice cases and visits, and the highest family satisfaction in Taiwan. It has received SNQ quality certification, Health Care Innovation Collaboration (HQIC) aware for quality potential, and the Department of Health and Social Service’s award for achievements in the department’s efforts to promote the advance registration of hospice, treatment, and other medical choices on national health care cards.

Specialty of each branch
• Zhongxing Branch has children developmental and assessment and intervention center
• Renai Branch is the flagship for Taipei City Hospital, and it has the expertise in cancer
•  Heping Fuyou Branch has the first breast milk bank in Taiwan, and it is also the largest breast milk bank amount Asia
• Zhongxiao Branch has the specialty in Motor Neuron Disease and palliative care
•  Yangming Branch has expertise in dementia, and also has a sleep center
• Songde Branch is the mental disorder specialty hospital
•  Linsen Chinese medicine and Kuming Branch has the integration of modern and Chinese medicine service, and also provides venereal disease and drug prevention

Feedback from international trainee
• From Belize, Gambia , Guatemala, Tuvalu and Swaziland (feedback 1) (docx檔案)
• From USA (feedback 2)(pdf檔案)
From Poland (feedback 3)(pdf檔案)

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