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Taipei City Hospital


Each Family Should Make Friends with a Doctor

Just as the name suggests, a family doctor provides healthcare to a family. However, the modern concept of medical treatment has public health as the orientation, the patients as the center and the community healthcare and local health as the mode, in order to implement the integrated care of the whole person, the whole family and the whole community, and to promote the idea of each family having a family doctor.

The Zhongxing Branch abides by the plan of the Taipei City Hospital, helping patients to make friends with their doctors, while walking into the community to provide integrated care to community residents, the whole family and even the whole community, with priority being given to the disadvantaged citizens in the community.

Sun Wen-rong, director of the Family Medicine, says that the service provided by Zhongxing Branch can be divided into several parts:
(1) Care of chronic diseases
(2) 24-hour medical consultation hotline
(3) Medication nutrition guidance
(4) Health promotion
(5) Home safety assessment
(6) Community palliative care
(7) Assisting the clinics and healthcare groups in the community in providing referral services.

Sun Wen-rong says that Taiwan is moving towards an ageing society and the number of patients with multiple chronic diseases is also rising rapidly. How to implement people-centered, whole person and integrated medical care is a great challenge for the Taipei City Hospital. Providing the community with whole person, whole family, whole community, comprehensive, continuous and integrated care will make the concept of family doctors deeply rooted in the community, and achieve the goal of each family having a doctor as a friend, as the mayor wishes.